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By: enj

To buy gold is not hard to understand; compared to other valuable substances, there is precious little gold in the world. And with its undeniably brilliant sheen and deep, rich tones, it’s also easy to understand the appeal of owning gold as a tangible, physical investment. At its best as an investment, gold is both physical and very liquid (it can be bought and sold fluidly). But you can buy gold in different forms, and these forms tend to differ in their liquidity.

Gold is a hot item for several reasons right now. For one thing, gold production is either flat or falling around the world. Inflation, flat supply and prevailing uncertainty in other investments is driving the price of gold ever higher.

Jewelry is the most readily available form of buy-able gold – you can find this gold for sale everywhere – but also the one with the least liquidity; resell value will hardly ever be as high as the original price you paid to buy the gold, and there’s no guarantee that anyone will like the style of the jewelry as much as you did.


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