Car Floor Mats

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Car floor mats placed on the floor of a vehicle to protect interior of cars from water, road salt, snow and dirt. They are widely available from a range of stores including car dealerships, automotive part stores and general department stores. Different types of car floor mats are designed for different weather conditions and climates.

There are four different types of car floor mats: rubber, carpet, clear and universal absorbent. Each type of mat is designed for a different environment and all can be purchased in a wide range of colors and styles designed to match your car interior. Review your options to make the best selection for your vehicle.

Rubber mats are molded to match the space on the floor and are ideal for wet climates. They are usually made from a high quality rubber and are designed with a deep lip to contain dirt, water and other materials that could be trapped on your shoes or boots. The material is stain-resistant, waterproof and designed for long-term usage.

To clean rubber mats, simply remove them from the vehicle and scrub them with soap and water. Allow them to air-dry and then inspect them for holes or splits. If the rubber is in good condition, keep using them. Otherwise, the mats should be replaced.


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